And they will know that they've been playing against the famous Old Dark Blues...

There are some moments in life that will stay with you forever. Yesterday's match was one of them.

I’ll never forget the intensity of finals footy, of sitting in a stadium of 95,000 other people who live and breathe this great game as I do. I’ll never forget the feeling of unity and pride, sitting amongst the cheer squad in an almost exclusively Carlton bay, all screaming for a common cause. I won’t forget our thunderous noise, an enthusiasm and passion I have not seen from us as a collective for quite some time. I’ll never forget prematurely singing our theme song when we knew we had it, then belting out several renditions of it after the siren and again later with the players.

The last decade and a bit has been filled with more heartache than anything for us Carlton faithful. But days like today happen and it makes every second of unwavering support through the pain and the misery worth it.


Far over the Misty Mountains cold....

Back when I frequented LJ, my friends page slowly get emptier and emptier. Occasionally it would be dotted with someone apologising for having not updated in so long. I always wondered how it was possible to drift away. But now it's my turn. The odd thing is that I'm always around LJ. Usually I'm updating cakecrumbs or moderating bakebakebake. I guess by the time that's done, my motivation for here has gone and the journal I intended to write never happens.

So. What's up with me?

Most notable, I suppose, is that I gained my second degree. I finished my Master of Science (Zoology) with Distinction. How I finished so well after all the crap I went through I don't know, but I did. It was a wonderful experience, a still ongoing experience to a degree. My supervisor was always the type to make me do all the hard work from the ground up. Being my first research project I made a lot of mistakes. But I learned a lot of lessons. Many more than if I had of been given a research project on a plate the way many of my peers have.

One of the most important lessons was that of collaboration. The Zoology Department at Melbourne University was endlessly supportive, but no more did this shine through than during my seminar. Towards the end of the degree we all have to give a 20 minute presentation (including question time) on our research in front of the whole department. Like most people, public speaking fills me with fear, but speaking in front of senior researchers (many of whom are world leaders in their respective fields and some are called on by various governments for advice) felt like torture. Add to this that I had to go last due to my supervisor being in an ethics meeting (she's the head of the ethics committee) for most of the day and I could not have been more nervous.

I felt like a train wreck but it apparently went well. I was approached by so many members of the department afterwards congratulating me on my presentation and offering me advice and information. Even during question time I had more people offering information and further insight than asking questions - a far cry from the complete grilling some other students got. The Head of Zoology even came to find me after to say congratulations -- my supervisor was sitting in front of him during my presentation and she told me she heard him mutter, 'Wow, that was really good," after I finished. What had filled me with fear turned out to be a really positive, encouraging and motivating experience for me.

After the thesis madness was over (I ended my degree not sleeping for three days in a row to get my thesis done on time. That was not healthy) we only had a few days to get a PhD project lined up. So my supervisor and I decided it would be better to have a year off, work on getting my research published and getting my life in order before starting PhD, rather than rushing into a project for the sake of it.

In the interim, I went on my first real holiday with Cameron. We went to New Zealand and I had so many firsts it was like a cherry squishing festival.

I spent a lot of it getting my Tolkien geek on. I strolled through Hobbiton and drank ale at the Green Dragon. I carried the One Ring through the black gates of Mordor and all the way to Mt. Doom itself. I sped through the Ford of Bruinen at 80km/hr muttering, "Nîn o Chithaeglir lasto beth daer; Rimmo nîn Bruinen dan in Ulaer", before singing at the foot of the Misty Mountains. I woke to sunrise over the Misty Mountains, before travelling beyond them to search for gold. That said, our gold hoard at the end of it would have made Thorin embarrassed for us.

When I wasn't having a geekgasm no one else in my company related to, I spent time drinking in the scenery. Rotorua was magical, from its bubbling mudpools and geysers, to the traditional Maori welcoming, cultural celebration and hangi feast. I walked to the foot of Franz Joseph glacier, and flew to the head of it, the latter of which being one of the most incredible experiences in my life. I spent time with endangered critters, such as the yellow-eyed penguin and the adorable kiwi bird. I travelled the country from the tip of the north island to the base of the south, travelling by plane, coach, bus, helicopter, gondola, steamship, locomotive, ferry, jet boat and minibus -- half of which I'd never been on before. I walked along the stunning harbours of Auckland where I arrived, to the broken streets of Christchurch right before I left, where I was inspired by the ability of the residents to stand up and begin to rebuild despite the constant quakes that still plague the city even while we were there.

But the best moment was travelling out to sea on a small boat and stumbling upon a wildlife encounter so amazing it eclipsed anything I've experienced as a Zoologist. A large school of barracuda could be seen feeding on schools of smaller fish below the surface, who were attracted to the area by a school of krill. This in turn attracted the fur seals, who surfaced with their enormous catch to slam it on the surface of the water in an attempt to break it up into bite sized pieces. This attracted an enormous flock of hundreds (if not thousands) of birds, including the impressive and endangered Southern royal albatross as well as two other species of albatross, 4 species of cormorant, and a number of species of gulls, petrels and terns, all vying for the scraps being flung about by the seals. It felt like stepping into the middle of a wildlife documentary.

I was sad to leave such a beautiful country, but if the experience taught me anything, it is that I am incredibly lucky to live here in Australia. For New Zealand reminded me so much of home, a home I have only seen a tiny fraction of and is every bit as beautiful. My only hope is for a long life spent exploring as much of these two countries as is possible, and working to conserve it all.

All the rest can wait for another time.

You said we're not celebrities, we spark and fade, they die by three...

Ever since I started Masters, I've fallen off the music scene.

And by "fallen off", I mean it no longer runs my life. I haven't read all of the latest interviews of my favourite bands, I couldn't tell you what country they were touring in right now - hell, I could barely tell you if they have a new album out.

I'm so busy I don't listen to music much at all. There was a day where I did nothing in the absence of music. I'd even have my CD player going when I slept or showered. The iPod would stop during a lecture, then resume straight after.

I still go see tour of my favourite bands, but even then I spend half the night thinking, "I can't wait until this is over and it is just a good memory."

It's not that it doesn't make me happy any more. It does. But I'm so busy and tired lately I'd rather be in bed.

Then on Sunday, I went to Big Day Out. Playing the festival was The Living End and My Chemical Romance. Two of my favourite bands in the entire world. But TLE I get to see a lot. They were playing right before MCR. It was the only thing that made the wait bearable. Love those Aussie lads. My My Chem where what the day was really about.

I was actually excited. For the first time in a while.

I've been a fan of My Chemical Romance for nearly a decade. I was into them before they were cool, when they were cool and now that they're not cool. I'll unashamedly proclaim my fandom, even if it does come with stereotypes.

They were one of my first major fandoms. They've always been one of my greatest loves. I've sat in line all day for them, just to get barrier. I've been on barrier and had Gerard sing right to me, Frankie wink at me, I've screamed the lyrics back at them while the weight of the crowd crushed me, enduring the bruises because they are just that worth it. They and their music got me through some pretty rough times in my teen years. As they have for many fans, which is why so many say "MCR saved my life." While many new fans latch onto that because they think it makes them cool, for just as many of us it is true. In the darkest moments you listen to them and you know you're not alone.

"Someone finally understood you. This is what music is about."

I've also had to suffer line up changes on almost every tour. I've seen them without Frank, without Mikey, without Bob (before he left the band). I had to endure not getting the advertised Black Parade tour because they got sick of playing it before they got to Australia. Last time they outright cancelled the tour due to medical and personal issues. I've seen the highest of highs and lowest of lows.

All that came rushing back on Saturday. Everything music ever meant to me, everything they ever meant to me. The highs and lows of my life, their life as a band. I spent much of their set either choking back tears or losing the battle. And then there's the fact that they are just entirely loveable. Their music, brilliant. I mean, brilliant. The melodies, their lyrics - listening to them makes me want to personally thank them for making whatever decisions they did in their lives that led to them all meeting and forming this band, because it is that magical combination of perfection that grabs me by the heartstrings.

This I will say for them. They have matured performance wise. So much. Back in the old days, they were messy live. It was an endearing quality. But they were not a band I would recommend to someone who wanted to see a polished performance - for that I would say to go watch The Living End. Music-wise, they sounded fine, if not grungy. Ray was always a beast and Frankie brings so much energy to the stage. But Gerard was comparatively unfit. I mean, I didn't care at the time. Hell, I was having so much fun I'd barely notice. He'd huff and puff through lyrics with vocals that, at times, sounded strained. It was only when he stood still for ballads that he sounded amazing. He would also swear a lot, calling us "motherfuckers" all the time - something he struggled to stop out of excitement, but made him sound so much less classy all the same. This tour is chalk and cheese. He's not breathy, his vocals are not only perfect, he adds extra gusto to the live version. At times he'd scream instead in a way that sounded controlled, mature, and added a special dimension. Amazing. And he left most of the talking to the songs, putting all his energy these instead. I feel like they've grown up into this professional band now.

And then there was the fact that they played Our Lady of Sorrows. I need to emphasise the significance of this. It is my favourite song from their first album, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love. It has so many of my favourite lyrics ever. I saw them for the first time 8 years ago on their Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge tour - they played nothing from Bullets. And on every tour since they have never played anything from that album. So for them to not only play from that album, but play my favourite song, was an incredible moment.

Collapse ).

There were so many cute moments. Like when Gerard said he legitimately believed the sun was trying to kill us all. Or when Frankie dedicated Teenagers to his Grandfather. Or when Gerard, talking about the other bands on the bill, spoke of "Our friends in The Living End" -- I just died from love imagining them all hanging out together. Or when Gerard shoved the microphone into his mouth during the last, screamed, line of, Our Lady of Sorrows. Frankie wearing long sleeves on an Aussie summer day over a tee that said "fuck your tanktop".

So after this, I was super excited for the sideshow on Tuesday. It was a thousand times better than BDO. We got another song off of Bullets in addition to Our Lady of Sorrows: Vampires Will Never Hurt You. A thrashy song (much of the Bullets stuff is raw, it was recorded in a basement, afterall) that they'd actually polished to the point it almost sounded slower without all the distortion. Not that that stopped the mosh from, well, moshing, to it.

Collapse )

I never wanted last night to end.

Cause the hardest part of this is leaving you.

CUTE MOMENTS: Specifically when Gerard commented on everyone saying that rock is dead, saying if that is the case then that must be why they'll just keep on living forever: they're cock-a-roaches. Gerard not being like typical jerks who hate on the people in the seats - thanking everyone in them and saying it felt like they were right there on the floor (indeed, everyone in the seats was on their feet the moment it started, which is a massive rarity at Festy Hall). Starting the concert with an into from a kid fan, then bringing him on later during The Kids From Yesterday to dance on stage with them and dedicating the song to him. GIANT BOUNCEY BALLOONS FULL OF GLITTER during Planetary (Go!). Gee asking how many were seeing them for the first time, saying, "Wow, that's a lot" and saying that they were the ones who probably wanted them to sing Snowflake -- "we forgot to practice it.". Getting to see the very last Danger Days tour.

I have not sung and screamed so hard at a concert for years. I lost my voice. I lost my inhibitions.

I love that band. I love those boys. I love their music and everything it stands for. I literally have no words to express how much it meant to me.

Thank you, you beautiful little cockroaches.

Faries what I should have got, man these hearts are not enough...

The day The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword hit the shelves, I was there. In fact I had pre-ordered it back in March of last year.

I've been a long time fan of the series. I'm too young to have been involved from the beginning and grew up in too poor a family to own consoles until they were out of date. Like many fans, Ocarina of Time was my first game. I was 9 years old and saw the commercial featuring the white horse. I had to have a game that involved horses. As it turned out, I never got to ride that horse, but Epona was fantastic. I fell in love with the game. Obsessively. I've clocked that game more times than I could count. Last weekend I did so in 3D with the new 3DS version, and am now beating it in the whole new Master Quest version of the game.

As a kid I lacked the financial ability to keep up with the series. Dad bought us Majora's Mask when it came out. But we were graphics snobs and so when we saw Wind Waker we weren't even interested in upgrading to a GameCube. We missed out on an amazing game. 5 years ago, when Twilight Princess came out on the Wii, I was still not in a financial position to buy a console just to play a single game. It was last Christmas when I was finally able to do that, and I encountered one of the most amazing Zelda games ever. Possibly my favourite.
So getting Skyward Sword on release marked a significant point for me. Being able to get the limited edition gold version, even more so.

Last night I finally clocked the game. Herein is when I am going to spill my thoughts on it.Collapse )
ETA: One final first for the game: this became the first game where I encountered a fatal glitch. Here is the aftermath.


To my best friend


In loving memory

06.04.95 - 30.11.09

Thank you for being the loyal, loving friend you always were. For making me smile and laugh so often over the 14 years you graced my life. For always being able to read me and comfort me when I was sad or angry. For being my greatest confidant throughout some of my toughest years. You always were the cutest, cuddliest, sexiest friend one could ever ask for.

I'm not entirely sure how I'm supposed to continue without you. But I know to keep you with me would have been for my sake and not yours. One day my time will come and we'll meet again. Until then, it's Shifty's turn to have the pleasure of your company. Tell the old man I said hi.

I'll always love you, but won't ever forget you. Missing you more than I could ever articulate.

May you finally find peace.


Another stage you're going through, another wage that's been earning you...

Concert List:


Bryan Adams w/ Diesel :: 1st February 2003 @ Rod Laver Arena

Bryan Adams w/ Shannon Noll :: 9th March 2005 @ Rod Laver Arena
Green Day w/ My Chemical Romance + Jimmy Eat World :: 17th December 2005 @ Telstra Dome

Rob Thomas w/ The Hamptons :: 14th February 2006 @ Rod Laver Arena
The Living End w/ End of Fashion + Red Riders :: 22nd September 2006 @ The Palace
Panic! At The Disco w/ Kisschasy + Something With Numbers :: 7 October 2006 @ Festival Hall
The White Room w/ Diabetic Bunnies, Dismay, Cryptic Simplicity + Ends In Tourment :: 27th October 2006 @ Epping Memorial Hall
○ Cosmic Nomads w/ Uncle Chunk + Upper Hand :: 3rd November 2006 @ Cornish Arms
Antiskeptic, Grand Fatal, Trial Kennedy, Tiltmeter + Goodnight Nurse w/ Don't Ask Us, Nazarite Vow, The Gingers, Opaque and Fleabane :: 2nd December 2006 @ TLC
Tiltmeter w/ Burn The City, Forgiven Rival + Fish Fingazz :: 8th December 2006 @ The Evelyn
Sunk Loto w/ Vanden + Sydonia :: 9th December 2006 @ The Evelyn
○ Mach Pelican w/ Bagster, Stealing O'Neal, Fire Underground, The Marx + This War :: 16th December 2006 @ Prahran Town Hall
Mammal w/ Vanden + Fading Hour :: 22nd December 2006 @ Peninsula Lounge, Moorooduc
Pyramid Rock Festival [The Living End, Silverchair, Something With Numbers, Mammal, Bushido, Ugly Duckling, Xavier Rudd, Evermore, End of Fashion, The Freestylers, The Grates, The Beautiful Girls, Faker, Lior, Karnivool, TZU, True Live, Ash Grunwald, The Josh Owen Band] :: 29th December 2006 - 1st January 2007 @ Pyramid Rock, Phillip Island

Total: 12

Tiltmeter w/ Sumi :: 6th January 2007 @ Bang!
The Currency w/ Coue Method + Donnie (Blueline Medic) :: 18th January @ Northcote Social Club
Bodyjar w/ The Gingers + Nursery Crimes :: 19th January 2007 @ Evelyn
○ Punk-A-Billy III [Platform Orange, Amphetish, The Runaway Boys, The Dirty Mits + The Vaudevillians] :: 21st January 2007 @ The Tote
○ Race the Fray w/ An Undying Day In Orbit, The Jades + Day On Fire :: 25th January 2007 @ Pony
○ Mr Coffee w/ Spent Shells, The Jerks , Bittersweet Kicks + This Way :: 26th January 2007 @ The Arthouse
Big Day Out [My Chemical Romance, Trivium, Sick Puppies, Tool, Muse, Jet, The Killers, John Butler Trio, Eskimo Joe, Scribe, Evermore, The Butterfly Effect, Afra and Incredible Beatbox Band + Violent Femmes] :: 28th January 2007 @ Princes Park South, Carlton North
My Chemical Romance w/ Another Day Down :: 29th January 2007 @ Festival Hall
Trivium w/ Drift Point :: 30th January 2007 @ The Palace
Mammal w/ Seven + Great Southern Electrics :: 2nd February 2007 @ The Evelyn
Evanescence w/ Shihad :: 10th February 2007 @ Vodafone Arena
St Kilda Festival [Bliss N Eso, Dallas Crane, Airbourne, Regurgitator, The Audreys, Blue King Brown, Mick Thomas & The Sure Thing + Custom Kings] :: 11th February 2007 @ St Kilda
Maroondah Festival [The Getaway Plan, Closure In Moscow, Juliets End, Forgiven Rival, Behind Mine, The Scene Conspiracy + Redrum] :: 18th February 2007 @ Croydon Park
○ Saltar Hype Launch [Seven, Rook, Vanden, Dead Letter Circus + Sleep Parade] :: 23rd February 2007 @ The HiFi Bar
Deftones w/ Thrice, Eighteen Visions + Flyleaf :: 28th February 2007 @ Festival Hall
+44 w/ Unwritten Law, Juliett and the Licks + As Tall As Lions :: 1st March 2007 @ Festival Hall
The White Room w/ Freestate, Armageddon Sky + Geek Love :: 2nd March 2007 @ The Evelyn
Fall Out Boy w/ Trial Kennedy + Avalon Drive :: 7th March 2007 @ Vodafone Arena
Pushover 2007 [Silverchair, Something For Kate, Behind Crimson Eyes, Karnivool, The Spazzys, Bliss N Eso, Horsell Common, Trial Kennedy, Children Collide, Mammal, Angela's Dish + Fire Underground] :: 10th March 2007 @ Shed 4, Docklands
○ The Porkers w/ Mister Coffee, Los Capitanes, This War + This Train :: 16th March 2007 @ The Espy, Front Bar
Bushido w/ Superb Lyrebird, Why Valerie..? + Artinam :: 23rd March 2007 @ Ding Dong
The Runaway Boys w/ The Vaudervillians, Amphetish + Burlesque Dancers Miss Rosy Rabbit and Mis L'Amour :: 24th March 2007 @ The Spanish Club
Geelong Invasion Tour [The Butterfly Effect, Behind Crimson Eyes, The White Room, Repeat Offender, The Jades, Armageddon Sky, The Red Shore, The Third Cycle, One Year Past, Lost Order, Intrepid, Vendetta, Veil of Anguish, A Stolen Myth, Red Arrow Black Shirt, Small Town Stories, Front Counter, Tremedy, Silhouette, The New E and Antagonize] :: 31st March 2007 @ The Arena, North Geelong
The Matches w/ Fifty Sixx + In Fiction :: 6th April 2007 @ East Brunswick Club
New Found Glory w/ The Audition + Stealing O'neal :: 8th April 2007 @ The Palace
Billy Talent w/ City on Fire :: 25th April 2007 @ The Corner Hotel
P!nk w/ The Androids :: 26th May 2007 @ Rod Laver Arena
30 Second to Mars w/ Angela's Dish :: 2nd May 2007 @ Festival Hall
Vanden w/ Tiltmeter + Calling All Cars :: 12th May 2007 @ Rob Roy
The Used w/ Take 21 + The Getaway Plan :: 26th May 2007 @ Festival Hall
○ Zombie Ghost Train w/ The Wrath, Yidcore + The No Nos :: 2nd June 2007 @ The Espy, Front Bar
The White Room [Plunja] w/ Sender :: 6th July 2007 @ Barwon Club, Geelong
Sum 41 + Yellowcard w/ The Hot Lies :: 4th August 2007 @ Metro
○ Responder + Celadore :: 1st September @ Fist2Face, Ringwood
Juke Kartel w/ Missfire + Wonderland :: 1st September @ The Espy, Front Bar
○ Unpaid Debt w/ Spent Shells, Not Quite Right, Screwtop Detonators + Angry Kid :: 21st September @ The Arthouse
Fall Out Boy w/ Gyroscope + Jacks Mannequin :: 28rd September 2007 @ Festival Hall
○ Dopamine [Acoustic] w/ Tiltmeter + Front Counter :: 7th October @ Fist2Face, Ringwood
Linkin Park w/ Chris Cornell :: 14th October 2007 @ Rod Laver Arena
○ Ben Lee w/ Lisa Mitchell + Wons Phreely :: 20th October 2007 @ Peninsula Lounge
Taste of Chaos [The Used, Rise Against, Aiden, Gallows, The Bled, Carpathian, Front Counter + Drop Dead, Gorgeous] :: 23rd October 2007 @ Vodafone Arena
Bodyjar "We're All Here Anyway" w/ Burn The City, Daughters of The Rich + An Undying Day In Orbit :: 27th October 2007 @ The Arthouse
○ The Age EG Awards [The Living End w/ Nic Cester, Claire Bowditch, Angie Hart, Joe Camilleri, Steve Lucas, Augie March + Darling Downs] :: 30th November 2007 @ Price of Wales Bandroom
My Chemical Romance w/ Circa Survive + The Getaway Plan :: 1st December @ Rod Laver Arena
Mammal w/ The Upper Hand + Each Revolving Door :: 14th December 2007 @ Ruby's Lounge
Mammal w/ .hinge + Freestate :: 26th December 2007 @ Northcote Social Club
Pyramid Rock Festival [The Matches, Kisschasy, You Am I, Grinspoon, Sneaky Sound System, The Cat Empire, Mammal, Hilltop Hoods, Shihad, That 1 Guy, Young & Restless, Howling Bells, Cog, Blue King Brown, Wolf & Cub, Kora, British India, The Exploders, Horsell Common, Bluejuice, Damn Arms, The Audreys, Dallas Frasca + Loren] :: 29th December 2007 - 1st January 2008 @ Pyramid Rock, Phillip Island

Total: 47

St. Kilda Festival [The Living End "The Longnecks", Stealing O' Neal, Operator Please, [Dallas Frasca, True Live, The Hoodoo Gurus, The Band Who Know Too Much, Anna Moot and the Manna Oots, The Currency + Direct Influence] :: 10th February 2008 @ St. Kilda Beach
Maroondah Festival [The Living End "The Longnecks", Vanessa Amorosi, Best Before, British India] :: 17th February 2008 @ Maroondah
The Matches w/ Dardanelles + Reptiles :: February 2008 @ The East Brunswick Hotel
Soundwaves Festival 2008 [The Offspring, Incubus, Killswitch Engage, Thursday, As I Lay Dying, Motion City Soundtrack, Alexisonfire, Saosin, Plain White T's, Jim Ward (Sparta), Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Boy Like Girls, Cartel, Mindless Self Indulgence, Shadows Fall, Mewithoutyou, The Dear Hunter, Bleeding Through, Carpathian, Sugarcult, Arthur "Ace" Enders (Early November), All Time Low, From Autumn To Ashes, The Starting Line, Dan Nigro (As Tall As Lions), Kevin Devine, Mae, The Receiving End Of Sirens, Still Remains, Socratic, Divine Heresy, Envy On The Coast, Haste The Day, Madina Lake, The Matches, My American Heart, Halifax, Fall Of Troy] :: February 29th 2008 @ Melbourne Showgrounds
Mammal w/ Freestate + My Secret Circus :: 14th March 2008 @ Ruby's Lounge
HIM w/ McQueen :: 27th March 2008 @ Festival Hall
Matchbox 20 w/ Thirsty Merc :: 10th April 2008 @ Rod Laver Arena
Korn w/ Biohazard, Chimaira, Throwdown + Bloodsimple :: 18th April 2008 @ Vodafone Arena
○ The Modern Legion w/ Geek Love, Front Counter + Dora Ma :: May 2nd 2008 @ The Royal Melbourne Hotel
○ Helmet w/ Lady Strangelove + Amphetame :: 3rd May 2008 @ HiFi Bar
Bullet For My Valentine + Avenged Sevenfold w/ Atreyu + Behind Crimson Eyes :: May 10th 2008 @ Festival Hall
○ Frankenbok w/ Tinman, Death Audio + Sons of Abraham :: 16th May 2008 @ Ruby's Lounge
Juke Kartel w/ Jaded Season, Geek Love + Simon Rand [JNOM] [acoustic] :: 23rd May 2008 @ The Greyhound Hotel, St. Kilda
Mammal w/ TE + Sydonia + Tinman :: 21st June 2008 @ Hi-Fi Bar & Ballroom
Something With Numbers w/ Reptiles + Responder :: 5th July 2008 @ East Brunswick Club
The Red Paintings :: 24th July 2008 @ Hi Fi Bar
Panic! At The Disco w/ The Academy Is..., Cobra Starship + The Black And White :: 23rd August 2008 @ Rod Laver Arena
Mammal :: 30th August 2008 @ Rare Records, St. Kilda
Horsell Common w/ Freestate, Responder + Ashley's Affair :: 5th September 2008 @ The HiFi Bar and Ballroom
Disturbed w/ P.O.D., Alterbridge + Behind Crimson Eyes :: 6th September 2008 @ Festival Hall
The Matches w/ Calerway + Goodnight Combat Fighter. :: 13th September 2008 @ The Corner Hotel
Mammal w/ .hingeEngine Three Seven :: 19th September 2008 @ The Corner Hotel
The Living End w/ Children Collide + The Silents :: 2nd Oct 2008 @ Queensbridge
Grazzhopper Festival 08 [Grinspoon, Faker, Shihad, Operator Please, Dukes of Windsor, Bluejuice, The Galvatrons, Vandalism, Mammal, Muph & Plutonic, Trial Kennedy, Young & Restless, Horsell Common, The Modern Legion, Phrase, Dirty Laundry, Scientists of Modern Music, Freestate, MM9, Calling All Cars, Repeat Offender, The Third Cycle + Dora Mah] :: 4th Oct 2008 @ Beckley Park, Geelong
Juke Kartel :: 10th October 2008 @ Prince of Wales
Seether w/ Juke Kartel :: 4th November 2008 @ HiFi Bar and Ballroom
Something With Numbers w/ City Riots + Skybombers :: 14th November 2008 @ The Corner Hotel
Juke Kartel w/ Freestate, Famous by Association + Geek Love :: 29th November 2008 @ HiFi Bar and Ballroom
Tripod :: 4th December 2008 @ The Corner Hotel
Mammal w/ Chaos Radio :: 26th December 2008 @ Mynt Lounge, Werribee
Pyramid Rock Festival [The Living End, The Black Keys, Morcheeba, Cut Copy, Mammal, Midnight Juggernauts, Karnivool, Gyroscope, The Herd, Birds of Tokyo, Twelve Foot Ninja, The Getaway Plan, Muph and Plutonic, Ladyhawke, Stars, Bob Evans, The Mess Hall, Children Collide, Behind Crimson Eyes, The Paper Scissors + Yves Klien Blue] :: 29th December 2008 - 1st January 2009 @ Pyramid Rock, Phillip Island


Ezekiel Ox and The Fury w/ Jericco, Bellusira + Twelve Foot Ninja :: 9th January 2009 @ The Espy, Front Bar
Birds of Tokyo w/ From The Ashes :: 14th January 2009 @ The HiFi
Juke Kartel w/ Rock City + Stone Parade :: 18th January 2009 @ Ruby's Lounge
Marty Casey w/ Jaded Season + Jonny No Mercy :: 24th January 2009 @ Spencers Live
Big Day Out [Neil Young, The Arctic Monkeys, The Prodigy, My Morning Jacket, The Living End, Dropkick Murphys, Sneaky Sound System, Mammal, Pendulum, Bullet for My Valentine, The Butterfly Effect, Pendulum, Trial Kennedy, TV on the Radio, Simian Mobile Disco, The Ting Tings, Tiki Taane,Cut Copy, Cog, Youth Group, The Grates, Birds of Tokyo, TZU, Eddy Current Suppression Ring] :: 26th January 2009 @ Flemmington Racecourse, Melbourne
Anna Salen w/ Sleepever + Life to Order :: 5th February 2009 @ The Espy, Basement
Fall Out Boy w/ The All-American Rejects + Hey Monday :: 18th February 2009 @ Rod Laver Arena
Billy Talent w/ Emery, Bedouin Soundclash + I Am The Avalanche :: 25th February 2009 @ The Hi-Fi Bar & Ballroom
Soundwave Festival 2009 [Nine Inch Nails, Alice In Chains, Bloodhound Gang, Lamb Of God, Alkaline Trio, Billy Talent, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Underoath, Jack's Mannequin, Face To Face, In Flames, Rival Schools, Anberlin, Everytime I Die, Devildriver, Funeral For A Friend, Less Than Jake, Poison The Well, Madina Lake, New Found Glory, From First To Last, Bedouin, Soundclash, Hellogoodbye, All That Remains, Forever The Sickest Kids, Finch, Goldfinger, Say Anything, Chiodos, Silverstien, Saves The Day, Lacuna Coil, 36 Crazyfists, Straylight Run, Evergreen Terrace, Munus The Bear, Moneen, Ace Enders (The Early November), I Am The Avalanche, Jaguar Love, Unearth, Bayside, Emery, Houston Calls, The Audition, Attack In Black, Innerpartysystem, Valencia, Alesana, The Riverboat Gamblers, Horse The Band Stealing O'Neal, + Maylene & Sons Of Disaster] :: 27th February 2009 @ Melbourne Showgrounds
Musicians Against Police Violence [MAPV] - Joelistics, Ezekiel Ox & The Fury, Bellusira, Fading Hour, Dave Thornton :: 28th February 2009 @ Ding Dong Lounge
Push Over 2009 [Parkway Drive, Something With Numbers, Behind Crimson Eyes, Children Collide, Dukes of Windsor, Mammal, Kate Miller-Heidke, Funkoars, Pez, Labjacd, Cassette Kids, Confession, The Abandonment, The Temper Trap, MM9, Dash and Will, Polo Club, House vs. Hurricane, The Paper and The Plane, City Riots, Cry Murder, The Bright Star Alliance] :: Sunday 8th March @ The Abbotsford Convent
Birds of Tokyo w/ Trial Kennedy :: 14th March 2009 @ Billboard The Venue
Sound Relief [Augie March, Bliss N Eso with Paris Wells, Gabriella Cilmi, Hunters & Collectors, Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson with Troy Cassar-Daley, Jack Johnson, Jet, Kings Of Leon, Liam Finn, Midnight Oil, Paul Kelly, Split Enz + Wolfmother] :: 14th March 2009 @ The MCG
○ Biffy Clyro w/ The Skybombers :: 24th March 2009 @ HiFi Bar & Ballroom
Earth Hour [Nic Cester (Jet), TChris Cheney (The Living End), Kram (Spiderbait), Ash Naylor (Even/Paul Kelly), Renee Geyer, Paris Wells, Vika & Linda, Wally Meanie (The Meanies), Matt Cotter (Even) Bruce Haymes, Augie March, Axle Whitehead + Jessica Malboy :: 28th March 2009 @ Federation Square
Moonee Valley Youth Festival [British India, Mammal, Kram, Phrase, Pez, Jess McAvoy, Matt Kelly & The Keepers, Twelve Foot Ninja, Jericco, Bellusira, MZ Ann Thropik, Rainbird, Trash Ivory, The Anvilles + Lemonsmile] :: 5th April 2009 @ Queens Park, Moonee Ponds
Mindless Self Indulgence w/ The Red Paintings :: 8th April 2009 @ Billboard
Bazaar [Mammal, Trial Kennedy, Dukes of Windsor, Rook, Jericco, InVolume + Ownkind :: 9th April 2009 @ Ferntree Gully Hotel
Musicians Against Police Violence [Mammal w/ Electric Mary] :: 5th May 2009 @ Yah Yah's, Fitzroy
Juke Kartel w/ Stone Parade + Simon Rand + Tim Rand :: 8th May 2009 @ Gershwin Room, The Espy
The Living End w/ Tame Impala and Gyroscope :: 15th May 2009 @ Hisense Arena
Jericco w/ Sons Of Abraham, Noise Kartel + Engine Three Seven :: 16th May 2009 @ Ding Dong
Juke Kartel w/ Simon Rand :: 19th May 2009 @ Milano's, Brighton Beach
○ P!nk w/ Faker :: 30th May 2009 @ Rod Laver Arena
Mammal w/ Sydonia, Jericco + The Caveliers :: 3rd July 2009 @ Corner Hotel
Something With Numbers w/ The Galvatrons + Slow Down Honey :: 10th July 2009 @ The HiFi Bar
All-American Rejects w/ Hoobastank + The Sundance Kids :: 22nd August 2009 @ The Palais
Marilyn Manson w/ Hatchet Dawn :: 10th October 2009 @ Festival Hall
Swarm Festival [Mammal, MM9, JericcoBellusira, K-Oscillate, Mushroom Giant,  Engine Three Seve, From The Ashes, The Volatiles, The Day Late, And Burn, Boom Pretty, Noise Kartel, Dora Mah, Anna Salen, Signet Mae, Husk, Immersion + more] :: 17th October 2009 @ The Espy
Birds of Tokyo [Broken Strings Tour] w/ Glenn Richards (Augie March) ::15th November 2009 @ Melbourne Town Hall
Nickelback w/ Sick Puppies ::16th November 2009 @ Rod Laver Arena
Green Day w/ Jet :: 14th December @ Rod Laver Arena

Total: 32

Juke Kartel w/ Electric Mary, My Secret Circus + Tinman :: 15th January 2010 @ Gershwin Room, The Espy
Juke Kartel [acoustic] :: 19th January 2010 @ Milano's, Brighton Beach
Big Day Out [Muse, Powderfinger, Lily Allen, Eskimo Joe, Groove Armada, Grinspoon, The Mars Volta, Ladyhawke, Dizzee Rascal, Karnivool, Peaches, The Temper Trap, Kasabian, Midnight Juggernauts, Rise Against, Magic Dirt, Mastodon, Lisa Mitchell, The Horrors, Bluejuice, Calvin Harris, Kisschasy, The Decemberists, Tame Impala, Girl Talk] :: 26th January 2010 @ Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne
Rob Thomas w/ Vanessa Amorosi :: 5th February 2010 @ Rod Laver Arena
Trivium w/ Anvil :: 23rd February 2010 @ Gershwin Room, The Espy
○ Faith No More w/ AFI and Gallows :: 24th February 2010 @ Festival Hall
HIM w/ Ikon :: 25th February 2010 @ The HiFi Bar
Soundwave Festival [Faith No More, Jimmy Eat World, Jane's Addiction, AFI, Placebo, Paramore, Alexisonfire, Eagles Of Death Metal, Taking Back Sunday, The Creepshow, HIM, Trivium, Motion City Soundtrack, Anthrax, Shinedown + more] :: 26th February 2010 @ Melbourne Showgrounds
Rock The Bay [Sydonia, Bellusira, Ink, Rincon,  Engine Three Seven, .hinge, Full Scale, Twelve Foot Ninja, Sleep Parade, Tim McMillan Band, Poetikool Justice, Fading Hour + more] :: 6th March 2010 @ The Espy
The Used w/ Stealing O'Neal :: 16th March 2010 @ The HiFi Bar
Lostprophets w/ The Blackout + Tonight Alive :: 28th March 2010 @ Billboard
Birds of Tokyo w/ Midnight Youth + Big Scary :: 4th June 2010 @ The Palace [Formerly Metro]
Gyroscope w/ The Vascoe Era + After The Fall w/ 11th June 2010 @ The Forum
Mark Collis w/ Sam Clark :: 18th June 2010 @ The Prince Bandroom
Black Devil Yard Boss w/ Freestate :: 18th June 2010 @ The Prince Bandroom

Total: 13

Total: ??

Upcoming gigs:

30 Seconds To Mars :: 2010 @ Festival Hall
Muse :: 2010 @ Rod Laver Arena